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Data Logger Shield with Real Time Clock for Arduino

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  • 3.2mm diameter Heatshrink Sleeving 1.2 Metres Long

    3.2mm diameter Heatshrink Sleeving 1.2 Metres Long


    3.2mm Black 2:1 Heatshrink Sleeving 1.2 metres

    50% shrink ratio 
    Flame retardant polyolefin
    Shrinking temperature: 70°C  to 115°C
    Max Temperature range –55°C to +125°C
  • 36 Way Straight 0.1 inch Pin Header

    36 Way Straight 0.1 inch Pin Header

    Straight Pin Header Male Strip 2.54mm spacing (0.1 inch)

    Gold Plated Phosphor Bronze pins.

    1 row of 36 pins 

  • 32GB Micro SD Card

    32GB Micro SD Card

    32GB High Spec Micro SD Card with Adaptor

    Kingston's Canvas Select Plus microSD is compatible with Android devices and designed with A1 rated performance. It offers improved speed and capacity for loading apps faster and capturing images and videos in multiple capacities up to512GB*. Powerful in performance,speed, and durability, the Canvas Select Plus microSD is designed for reliability when shooting and developing high-resolution photos or filming and editing full HD videos. Kingston Canvas cards are tested to be durable in the harshest environments and conditions so you can take them anywhere with confidence that your photos, videos, and files will be protected. Available with a lifetime warranty.

    - Faster speeds - Class 10 UHS-I speeds up to 100 MB/s.**
    - Optimised for use with Android devices - Improved performance when used with an Android smartphone or tablet.
    - Multiple capacities - Up to 512 GB* to store all your memorable photos and videos.
    - Durable - For your peace of mind, the card has been extensively tested and proven to be waterproof, temperature proof, shock and vibration proof and X-ray proof.***


    Memory Capacity

    Storage Type
    UHS-I Speed Class 1 (U1)

    Speed Rating
    Class 1

    Transfer Rate
    Read Speed: Up to 100 MB/s

    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    11 x 1 x 15 mm

  • Temperature and humidity module for Arduino KY-015

    Temperature and humidity module for Arduino KY-015

    What is the KY-015 DHT11 Module?

    The KY015 is a temperature and humidity module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects


    KY-015 module has a DHT11digital temperature and humidity sensor and a resistor. The DHT11 uses a thermistor for the temperature sensing and a capacitive humidity sensor along with an internal IC to give a digital output for both temperature and humidity.


    Voltage : 3.3 to 5VDC

    Humidity range : 20% to 90% @ 5% RH accuracy

    Temperature range : 0C to 50C at 2C accuracy

    Size 30x15mm


    How Can I use the KY-015 Module to monitor temperature and humidity?

    Here is an example project to measure temperature and humidity using the KY015 module and an Arduino Uno


    Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    In this project, we will be building a weather station that can measure both temperature and humidity.

    This is what you will need:


    Jumper Leads (male to female)



    Arduino Uno x 1 or Arduino Nano x 1

    KY-15 sensor module



    DHT Sensor Library

    Adafruit Unified Sensor Library


    Step 1

    First you will nedd to assemble the project. Connect everything together using the wiring diagram bellow for reference.



    Connect the KY-015 sensor module to the Arduino

    KY-015                        Arduino   

    Ground - - - - - - - - - -  Ground
    Vcc - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3v3
    Data - - - - - - - - - - - - -  A0

    A 10KΩ pull-up resistor is built in to the KY-015


    Step 2

    Connect your Arduino to the PC and install the above Libraries. If you don’t know how to do this, CLICK HERE and follow the “Installing Arduino Libraries” section.


    Step 3

    We can now create the code to get this all working

    First, delete the code in the IDE window, then include the aforementioned libraries:  

    #include "DHT.h"

    This bit of code imports the DHT library and links it to the sketch.

    #define DHTPIN A0
    #define DHTTYPE DHT11

    This bit of code defines which pin is KY015 connected to and sets the type of sensor (KY015 uses DHT11)


    This bit of code initialises the sensor

    void setup() {
      Serial.println(F("DHT11 test!"));

    The setup bit of code initialises serial output with baud rate of 115200 and prints DHT11 test! In the console

    void loop() {

    This bit makes the Arduino wait 2 seconds between measurements

      float h = dht.readHumidity();

    Read humidity from the sensor

      float t = dht.readTemperature();
    Read temperature from the sensor
      Serial.print(F("Humidity: "));
      Serial.print(F("%  Temperature: "));
      Serial.println(F("°C "));

    Print the latest reading in serial monitor


    Finished Code:

    #include "DHT.h"
    #define DHTPIN A0     // Digital pin connected to the DHT sensor
    #define DHTTYPE DHT11   // DHT 11
    void setup() {
      Serial.println(F("DHT11 test!"));
    void loop() {
      float h = dht.readHumidity();
      float t = dht.readTemperature();
      Serial.print(F("Humidity: "));
      Serial.print(F("%  Temperature: "));
      Serial.println(F("°C "));


  • Carbon Monoxide gas sensor module for Arduino MQ-7

    Carbon Monoxide gas sensor module for Arduino MQ-7

    Carbon Monoxide sensor module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects

    A Carbon Monoxide sensor detects CO in normal air conditions.
    The resistance of the sensor changes with CO levels giving a varying voltage on the analogue pin. A comparator supplies a digital output when the CO level reaches a certain level, set with the built in potentiometer.
    Please note, this sensor needs to run for 24-48 hours before first time use
    Voltage : 5VDC
    Current : 100mA
    Sensitivity : 10 to 10000ppm
    Size 32x21mm
  • GY68 Barometric Pressure Sensor module for Arduino BMP180

    GY68 Barometric Pressure Sensor module for Arduino BMP180

    Barometric pressure sensor module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects

    This tiny module has a BMP180 precision pressure sensor soldered on to a GY-68 breakout board to make it easy to use this amazing sensor. The BMP180 will give you accurate pressure data via the standard I2C protocol making it simple to add to your project.
    Voltage : 1.8 - 3.6VDC
    Preasure Range 300hPa to 1100hPa (-500m to 9000m)
    Current consumption 0.5µA
    Size 13x10mm
  • Tiny RTC - Arduino real time clock module

    Tiny RTC - Arduino real time clock module

    Tiny RTC module  

    This module uses the DS1307 chip, which can be used for keeping time in a very wide variety of projects. For example it can be used to add time stamps to sensor readings, display the time accurately or keep track of time even when there is no power supplied (although it will require a rechargeable CR2032 battery for this). The Tiny RTC supports the I2C protocol, which makes it very easy to interface with many microcontrollers. 
    VCC:  5V DC
    Battery (optional): CR2032
    Power consumption: <500nA (in Battery Backup Mode)
    RAM: 56 Byte, non-volatile
    Memory: 32kb EEPROM
    Dimensions: 27mm x 28mm x 8.4mm
  • MQ135 Air Quality Gas Sensor

    MQ135 Air Quality Gas Sensor

    Air quality sensor module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects

    This module has a sensitive gas sensor that can measure the air quality. It can measure gaseous compounds and elements such as ammonia (NH3), nitrogen oxides (NOx) carbon dioxide (CO2), benzene (C6H6) and other harmful gases. The sensor outputs a varying voltage on the analogue pin depending on the level of pollutants and it has a comparator to give you a digital output when the level of pollutants reaches a certain level. This can be set with the built-in potentiometer.
    Please note, this sensor needs to warm up for a couple of minutes before it will give a stable reading.
    Voltage : 5VDC
    Current : 150mA
    Sensitivity : 300 to 10000ppm
    Size 32x21mm
  • Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit with RFID

    Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit with RFID

    UNO R3 Arduino-compatible starter kit complete with an Arduino Uno board with essential accessories, plus a multitude of parts and modules to start building interesting projects

    The Arduino is a great bit of kit for anyone interested in electronics.

    This kit comes with everything you need to get started with an Arduino (apart from a PC to program it).

    This is the newer RFID version of the kit, containing more useful sensors and parts to make your introduction to Arduino a better experience. 

    Supplied with the kit:
    Arduino UNO R3 
    USB A to B 200mm 
    830 Tie Points Breadboard
    10x 200mm Male to Female Jumper Cables
    32x  Male to Male Jumper Cables
    2 x 36 Pin Male Single in Line header
    1602 16 character 2 Row backlit LCD Display 
    I2C SPI Serial Interface Board (LCD Piggyback) 
    DS1302 Real Time Clock Module
    RC522 RFID Kit
    7 Segment Single Digit LED Display
    7 Segment Four Digit LED Display
    8 x 8 LED Dot Matrix
    74HC595 8 Bit Shift Register
    Water Level Sensor
    ULN2003 Four Phase Stepper Motor Driver
    28BYJ-48 5V Four Phase Stepper Motor 
    KY019 5V Relay Module
    KY015 Temperature and Humidity Module
    KY016 RGB LED Module
    KY037 Sound Sensor 
    KY023 Dual Axis Joystick Module
    PP3 Battery Snap with 2.1mm x 5.5mm plug
    Infrared Remote Control
    Infrared Transmitter/Receiver
    4x4 16 Button Matrix
    SG90 Servo Motor
    2 x SW-520 Tilt Sensor
    Active Piezo Buzzer
    Passive Piezo Buzzer
    10 x Blue LED
    10 x Red LED
    10 x Yellow LED 
    3 x Light Dependent Resistor
    Flame Sensor/ Infrared Receiver
    LM35 Temperature Sensor
    10KΩ Linear Potentiometer (Variable Resistor)
    10 x 220Ω Resistors
    10 x 1KΩ Resistors
    10 x 10kΩ Resistors
    10 x 330R Resistors
    4 x 10mm Tactile Switches
    4 x Tactile Switch Caps
    Infrared Receiver
    Resistor Colour Code Chart
    CD with projects
    Carry Case
    The Arduino IDE Software can be downloaded from the Arduino website here
    You can download a copy of the included CD here

    Arduino CD




    Arduino Quick Start Guide


    Installing the Arduino IDE

    1. Go to and download the appropriate version for your system.
    2. Run the installation file (usually called arduino-1.xx.xx-windows.exe).
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

    Connecting the Arduino to a computer

    1. Connect the Arduino to your computer using the USB cable provided.
    2. Open the Arduino IDE and click on “Tools”. When prompted by windows firewall click allow.
    3. Move the cursor over “Board” and select your Arduino board from the list (e.g. “Arduino Uno”).
    4. Click on “Tools” again and move the cursor over “Port”. Now, select the USB port where the Arduino is plugged in. If you have multiple devices under “Ports” and you are unsure which one is the Arduino, try selecting one of the ports and then click on “Tools” and select “Get board info”. If the Arduino port is selected, a small window displaying the board information will appear, otherwise keep trying different ports until the window appears.
    5. To check if the Arduino is connected correctly, click on the “Upload” button at the top of the screen (button with arrow pointing to the right) and wait for the empty sketch to upload. If no errors come up, you’re all set up and ready to go!

    Installing Arduino Libraries

    Method 1

    1. Open the Arduino IDE and click on “Tools” at the top of the screen.
    2. Click on “Manage Libraries”.
    3. Type in the name of the library you wish to install (e.g. “CCS811”) and press enter.
    4. The Library Manager will now display a number of relevant libraries. Hover the cursor over the required library and click “Install”. When the installation has finished, close the Library Manager window.

    Method 2

    1. Download the library you wish to install.
    2. Extract the folder from the zip file and paste it in the following location:

             Windows XP and above: C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Arduino\Libraries

             Mac: /Users/<username>/Documents/Arduino/libraries/

             Linux: /usr/share/arduino/libraries/ (you must delete the dashes in the folder name, if there are any)

    1. Restart the Arduino IDE.

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Data Logger Shield with Real Time Clock for Arduino Uno 

This Arduino compatible shield allows the logging and storage data from an Arduino project to an SD card.

Having a built in Real Time Clock (RTC) insures data accuracy over long time periods and at times where your project may suffer from power loss. Supplied with a CR1220 lithium battery. 

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