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Button Cell Equivalent Cross Reference


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>>>> Button Cell Equivalent Cross Reference <<<<<

Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
Button Cell
102 SG2 532 SG2 39 Citizen CX626 RW48 SG5
120 SG12 533 SG8 4 Renata SG12 RW49 SG10
122 SG10 534 SG10 41 Citizen SG12 S Timex CX721
123 SG5 536 SG2 44 Citizen CX926 SB-A1 SG3
124 SG12 537 CX921 48 Citizen CX926 SB-A4 CX936
125 SG2 541 SG13 5 Citizen SG11 SB-A8 SG12
126 CX936 543 CX926 5 Renata SG3 SB-AG SG1
130 SG8 546 SG5 6 Citizen SG13 SB-AL SG2
180 SG11 547 SG3 6 Renata SG12 SB-AN CX921
218 SG11 548 SG12 6UDC SG3 SB-AP CX926
226 SG12 553 SG8 7 Renata SG13 SB-AU SG10
228 SG13 554 CX721 8 Citizen SG13 SB-B1 SG3
242 SG11 556 SG2 8 Renata SG5 SB-B3 SG5
247 SG3 601 CX721 B Timex SG11 SB-B8 SG12
255 SG5 603 SG10 C Timex SG5 SB-B9 SG13
260 SG12 605 CX921 D Timex SG12 SB-BP CX926
301 SG12 609 SG8 F Timex SG5 SB-BS SG8
309 SG5 621 SG1 H Timex SG12 SB-BU SG10
317 SG8 726 SG2 J Timex SG13 SB-C1 SG3
344 SG11 920 CX921 K Timex SG3 SB-C3 SG5
350 SG11 1120 SG8 L Timex SG8 SB-C8 SG12
357 SG13 1 Citizen SG12 LR41 SG3 SB-D1 SG3
361 CX721 1 Renata SG12 LR42 SG11 SB-D8 SG12
362 CX721 10 Renata SG3 LR43 SG12 SB-DG SG1
364 SG1 11 Renata SG10 LR44 SG13 SB-DK CX721
370 CX921 12 Renata SG11 LR45 CX936 SB-DL SG2
371 CX921 12EUD SG11 LR48 SG5 SB-DS SG8
377 CX626 13 Citizen SG3 LR54 SG10 SB-DU SG10
379 CX521 13 Renata SG13 LR55 SG8 SR41 SG3
381 SG8 15 Citizen SG10 LR57 CX926 SR42 SG11
384 SG3 15 Renata SG5 LR58 CX721 SR43 SG12
386 SG12 17 Citizen CX936 LR59 SG2 SR44 SG13
389 SG10 17 Renata SG10 M Timex SG10 SR45 CX936
390 SG10 18 Citizen SG3 N Timex SG2 SR48 SG5
391 SG8 2 Citizen SG3 RW30 SG8 SR54 SG10
392 SG3 2 Renata SG3 RW311 SG2 SR55 SG8
393 SG3 23 Citizen CX721 RW313 CX926 SR57 CX926
394 CX936 23 Renata SG8 RW315 CX921 SR58 CX721
395 CX926 24 Citizen SG10 RW320 SG1 SR59 SG2
396 SG2 25 Renata CX926 RW327 CX521 SR60 SG1
397 SG2 27 Citizen SG8 RW329 CX626 T Timex SG1
399 CX926  27 Renata CX936 RW33 CX936 V Timex SG2
501 SG13 28 Citizen SG2 RW34 SG12 W Timex CX926
502 SG11 29 Citizen CX721 RW36 SG11 WH1 SG3
506 SG5 3 Renata SG11 RW37 SG3 WH3 SG13
507 SG3 30 Citizen SG8 RW39 SG10 WH4 SG11
508 SG12 30 Renata CX921 RW40 SG8 WL1 SG3
509 SG11 31 Citizen CX921 RW410 CX721 WL10 SG10
523 CX926 31 Renata  SG1 RW411 SG2 WL11 SG12
524 CX936 34 Citizen SG1 RW413 CX926 WL14 SG13
527 SG3 34 Renata SG8 RW415 CX921 WL5 SG8
528 SG12 35 Renata CX926 RW42 SG13 WL6 SG5
529 SG11 36 Renata CX921 RW44 SG12 X Timex CX721
531 SG1 37 Renata CX626 RW47 SG3 Z Timex CX921

>>>> Button Cell Size Reference Table<<<<

Button Cell Button Cell Dia. Button Cell Th. Button Cell Button Cell Dia. Button Cell Th.
SG1 6.8mm 2mm CX926 9.5mm 2.6mm
CX626 6.8mm 2.6mm CX936 9.5mm 3.6mm
CX721 7.9mm 2mm SG8 11.6mm 2.1mm
SG2 7.9mm 2.5mm SG10 11.6mm 3mm
SG3 7.9mm 3.5mm SG11 11.6mm 3.6mm
SG5 7.9mm 5.5mm SG12 11.6mm 4.2mm
CX921 9.5mm 2.1mm SG13 11.6mm 5.5mm