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Products Map

Products Map

  • OA10 Diode

    OA10 Diode

    Diode Germanium TO1 100mA 30V Vf=0.1V Fast. Red dot=Cathode

    Very old stock from around 1958. Mullard make - Good working stock - desoldered from equipment.

    Great for Guitar & Music Pedals!

    Item Number: OA10
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • OA200 Diode

    OA200 Diode

    Diode WE 30mA 50V 3.5uS

    Item Number: OA200
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • OA202 Diode

    OA202 Diode

    Diode WE 30mA 150V 3.5uS

    Item Number: OA202
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • OA47 Diode

    OA47 Diode

    Germanium Diode Wire Ended Gold bonded 10mA 25V 70nS. Original Mullard

    Item Number: OA47
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • OA5 Diode

    OA5 Diode

    Diode Germanium TO1 50mA 100V Gold Bonded. Vf=0.1V Red dot=Cathode

    (CV7047 ex miltary unused stock) Original Mullard

    Item Number: OA5
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • OA7 Diode

    OA7 Diode

    Diode TO1 Germanium 140mA 25V. Original Mullard

    Item Number: OA7
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • OA81 Diode

    OA81 Diode

    OA81 Diode WE Germanium 50mA 115V Original Mullard

    Item Number: OA81
    £4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)
  • OA90 Diode

    OA90 Diode

    Diode WE Germanium 30mA 30V

    Item Number: OA90
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • OA91 Diode

    OA91 Diode

     Germanium Diode Wire Ended 30mA 115V. Original Mullard

    Item Number: OA91
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • OA95 Diode

    OA95 Diode

    Diode Gold Bonded wire ended Germanium 50mA 115V - Mullard original

    Item Number: OA95
    £2.75 (inc VAT £3.30)
  • Object detection/avoidance module for Arduino KY-032

    Object detection/avoidance module for Arduino KY-032

    Object detection/avoidance module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects

    This module uses an IR diode and IR receiver that will detect if there is an object  in front of the module. It also has 2 potentiometers to adjust the sensitivity of the module
    Voltage : 5VDC
    Size : 44x18mm

    Item Number: KY032
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • OC122 Transistor

    OC122 Transistor

    NPN Germanium TO7 32V 500mA

    Item Number: OC122
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC140 Transistor

    OC140 Transistor

    NPN Germanium TO1 20V 400mA

    By Mullard

    Item Number: OC140
    £9.50 (inc VAT £11.40)
  • OC141 Transistor

    OC141 Transistor

    NPN Germanium TO1 20V 400mA

    Item Number: OC141
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC170 Transistor

    OC170 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO7 20V 10mA 60MHz

    Item Number: OC170
    £7.00 (inc VAT £8.40)
  • OC171 Transistor

    OC171 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO7 20V 10mA 60MHz

    Item Number: OC171
    £7.00 (inc VAT £8.40)
  • OC20 Transistor

    OC20 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 75V 10A 30W

    Item Number: OC20
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC200 Transistor

    OC200 Transistor

    PNP TO1 go to OC201

    Item Number: OC200

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • OC201 Transistor

    OC201 Transistor

    PNP TO1 25V 100mA 20-80@1mA 4MHz

    Item Number: OC201
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • OC202 Transistor

    OC202 Transistor

    PNP TO1 15V 100mA 45-210@1mA 3MHz

    Item Number: OC202
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC203 Transistor

    OC203 Transistor

    PNP TO1 60V 100mA 10-60@1mA 1MHz

    Item Number: OC203
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC204 Transistor

    OC204 Transistor

    PNP TO1 32V 250mA 10-30@1mA 450KHz

    Item Number: OC204
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • OC205 Transistor

    OC205 Transistor

    PNP TO1 60V 250mA 10-50@150mA 450KHz

    Item Number: OC205
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • OC206 Transistor

    OC206 Transistor

    PNP TO1 32V 250mA 16-120@150mA 850KHz

    Item Number: OC206
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC207 Transistor

    OC207 Transistor

    PNP TO1 50V 250mA 2MHz

    Item Number: OC207
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • OC22 Transistor

    OC22 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 32V 2A 16W

    Item Number: OC22
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC23 Transistor

    OC23 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 24V 2A 16W

    Item Number: OC23
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC25 Transistor

    OC25 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 40V 4A 32.5W

    Item Number: OC25
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC26 Transistor

    OC26 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 40V 4A 12.5W

    Item Number: OC26
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • OC28 Transistor

    OC28 Transistor

    PNP Germanium TO3 60V 10A 30W

    Item Number: OC28
    £12.00 (inc VAT £14.40)