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Transistor Base Numbers BGxxxx to Hxxxx


  • BLF244 Transistor

    BLF244 Transistor

    NMOS SOT123A 13dB 65V 3A 15W @175MHz.

    We have limited stocks of the genuine Philips/NXP device.

    Beware of Clever Fakes that don't work!

    Item Number: BLF244
    £37.00 (inc VAT £44.40)
    £49.00 , save 24%
  • BLX65 Transistor

    BLX65 Transistor

    NPN TO5 18V 700Ma 2W @470MHz

    Item Number: BLX65
    £33.00 (inc VAT £39.60)
  • BLX68 Transistor

    BLX68 Transistor

    NPN SOT120 36V 1A 7.8W @470MHz Transmitting Transistor

    Item Number: BLX68
    £27.50 (inc VAT £33.00)
  • BLX69 Transistor

    BLX69 Transistor

    NPN 145 36V 3.5A 17W@470MHz VHF/UHF Transmitting Transistor

    Item Number: BLX69
    £24.90 (inc VAT £29.88)
  • BLX83 Transistor

    BLX83 Transistor

    NPN TO3 80V 20A 150W

    Item Number: BLX83
    £19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)
  • BLY15 Transistor

    BLY15 Transistor

    NPN TO66 64V 2.5A 15W

    Item Number: BLY15
    £27.00 (inc VAT £32.40)
  • BLY219A Transistor

    BLY219A Transistor

    NPN 144 Stud with nut 18V 1.5A 6W @175MHz VHF Transmitter/Driver

    Item Number: BLY219A
    £17.00 (inc VAT £20.40)
  • BLY34 Transistor

    BLY34 Transistor

    NPN TO5 20V 3W @ 175MHz

    Item Number: BLY34
    £27.00 (inc VAT £32.40)
  • BLY38 Transistor

    BLY38 Transistor

    NPN 144 36V 500mA 2W@470MHz  VHF/UHF Output/Driver

    Item Number: BLY38
    £19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)
  • BLY48A Transistor

    BLY48A Transistor

    NPN TO66 75V 3A 40W 15MHz Made by Texas Instruments

    Item Number: BLY48A
    £19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)
  • BLY49 Transistor

    BLY49 Transistor

    NPN TO3 150V 3A 40W 15MHz Made by Texas Instruments

    Item Number: BLY49
    £15.00 (inc VAT £18.00)
  • BLY50 Transistor

    BLY50 Transistor

    NPN TO3 150V 3A 40W 15MHz

    Item Number: BLY50
    £15.00 (inc VAT £18.00)
  • BLY53A Transistor

    BLY53A Transistor

    NPN SOT120 18V 1.5A 6W @470MHz VHF/UHF Transitter/Driver by PHILIPS

    Item Number: BLY53A
    £19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)
  • BLY83C Transistor

    BLY83C Transistor

    NPN 144 33V 2A5 7W @175MHz

    Item Number: BLY83C
    £14.00 (inc VAT £16.80)
  • BS107 Transistor

    BS107 Transistor

    NMOS TO92 DGS N Channel MOSFET 200V 130mA 1W 26R 12nS

    Item Number: BS107
    £1.25 (inc VAT £1.50)
  • BS108 Transistor

    BS108 Transistor

    NMOS TO92 DGS N Channel MOSFET 200V 230mA 1W 8R 5nS

    Item Number: BS108
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • BS170 Transistor

    BS170 Transistor

    NMOS TO92 DGS N Channel MOSFET 60V 500mA 3R5 13nS

    Item Number: BS170
    £0.50 (inc VAT £0.60)
  • BS208 Transistor

    BS208 Transistor

    PMOS TO92 DGS P Channel MOSFET 200V 200mA 14R 5nS

    Item Number: BS208
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BS250 Transistor

    BS250 Transistor

    PMOS TO92DSG 45V 500mA 7R0

    Item Number: BS250
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • BSN304 Transistor

    BSN304 Transistor

    NMOS TO92 SDG N Channel MOSFET 300V 250mA 1W 8R0

    Item Number: BSN304
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BSN304A Transistor

    BSN304A Transistor

    NMOS TO92 DGS N Channel MOSFET 300V 250mA 1W 8R0

    Item Number: BSN304A
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BSR50 Transistor

    BSR50 Transistor

    NPN Darlington TO92 ECB go to 2SD2088

    Item Number: BSR50

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • BSS34 Transistor

    BSS34 Transistor

    BSS34 NPN TO92 ECB 80V 200mA 90MHz Genuine Texas

    Item Number: BSS34
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BSS61 Transistor

    BSS61 Transistor

    BSS61 PNP TO5 Darlington 60V 1A 200MHz

    Item Number: BSS61
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BSS62 Transistor

    BSS62 Transistor

    BSS62 PNP TO5 Darlington 80V 1A 200MHz

    Item Number: BSS62
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BSS92 Transistor

    BSS92 Transistor

    BSS92 PMOS TO92 SDG N Channel MOSFET 240V 150mA 35nS

    Item Number: BSS92
    £2.95 (inc VAT £3.54)
  • BSV17 Transistor

    BSV17 Transistor

    PNP TO5 80V 1A 50MHz 500nS

    Item Number: BSV17
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • BSV64 Transistor

    BSV64 Transistor

    NPN TO5 60V 2A 5W 600nS

    Item Number: BSV64
    £6.25 (inc VAT £7.50)
  • BSV68 Transistor

    BSV68 Transistor

    PNP TO18 110V 100mA 95MHz 500nS

    Item Number: BSV68
    £5.50 (inc VAT £6.60)
  • BSW41 Transistor

    BSW41 Transistor

    NPN TO18 25V 300mA 250MHz 

    Item Number: BSW41
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)