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Mercury 48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station


Item Number
2.20 Kg
Item Condition
£49.50 (inc VAT £59.40)


Mercury Soldering Station 703.050 (SL30C) Professional 48W Temperature Controlled with Ceramic Soldering Iron & LED Display

Professional soldering station with numeric digital display of the temperature. The soldering iron incorporates a ceramic heating element assuring a highly accurate temperature setting and a fast heating time. The bit is directly fitted on the element to minimise thermal loss. The lead of the iron is made of heat-resistant silicone. The iron holder can be mounted on the right or the left side of the station.

Power 230VAC, 50Hz
48 Watts
Iron output 24Vac
Iron length 203mm
Temperature range 160 - 480 deg C
Weight 1.94kg
Lead length 1.15m
Dimensions:Station 170 x 116 x 96mm
Spare tips See TP03, TP05, TP20 and TP30
Spare Soldering Iron see SIR30