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  • 2N2919 Transistor

    2N2919 Transistor

    NPN TO77 Dual Transistor 45V 30mA 60MHz

    Item Number: 2N2919
    £22.00 (inc VAT £26.40)
  • 2N2920 Transistor

    2N2920 Transistor

    NPN TO77 Dual Transistor 60V 30mA 60MHz

    Item Number: 2N2920
    £22.00 (inc VAT £26.40)
  • 2N2923 Transistor

    2N2923 Transistor

    NPN TO92 ECB 25V 100mA 300MHz

    Item Number: 2N2923
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N2924 Transistor

    2N2924 Transistor

    NPN TO92 ECB 25V 100mA 300MHz

    Item Number: 2N2924
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N2925 Transistor

    2N2925 Transistor

    NPN TO92 ECB 25V 100mA 300MHz

    Item Number: 2N2925
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N2926 Transistor

    2N2926 Transistor

    NPN TO92 ECB 25V 100mA 300MHz

    Item Number: 2N2926
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N2945A Transistor

    2N2945A Transistor

    NPN TO46 25V 100mA 13MHz Chopper Transistor

    Item Number: 2N2945A
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • 2N3010 Transistor

    2N3010 Transistor

    NPN TO18 6V 50mA 600MHz

    Item Number: 2N3010
    £4.75 (inc VAT £5.70)
  • 2N3011 Transistor

    2N3011 Transistor

    NPN TO18 12V 200mA 400MHz

    Item Number: 2N3011
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N3012 Transistor

    2N3012 Transistor

    PNP TO18 12V 200mA 400MHz

    Item Number: 2N3012
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N3013 Transistor

    2N3013 Transistor

    NPN TO18 15V 200mA 350MHz

    Item Number: 2N3013
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N3015 Transistor

    2N3015 Transistor

    2N3015 NPN TO5 30V 500mA 250MHz

    Item Number: 2N3015
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N3019 Transistor

    2N3019 Transistor

    2N3019 NPN TO5 80V 1A 100MHz

    Item Number: 2N3019
    £4.75 (inc VAT £5.70)
  • 2N3020 Transistor

    2N3020 Transistor

    2N3020 NPN TO5 80V 1A 100MHz

    Item Number: 2N3020
    £3.25 (inc VAT £3.90)
  • 2N3035 Transistor

    2N3035 Transistor

    2N3035 NPN TO18 90V 20mA 5nS Fast Switch

    Item Number: 2N3035
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • 2N3053 Transistor

    2N3053 Transistor

    2N3053 NPN TO5 40V 700mA 100MHz

    Item Number: 2N3053
    £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)
  • 2N3054 Transistor

    2N3054 Transistor

    2N3054 NPN TO66 60V 4A 1MHz

    Item Number: 2N3054
    £5.50 (inc VAT £6.60)
  • 2N3055 Transistor

    2N3055 Transistor

    2N3055  - NPN TO3 60V 15A 117W. Complement to MJ2955

    Item Number: 2N3055
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • 2N3055-RCA Transistor

    2N3055-RCA Transistor

    2N3055H-RCA  - NPN TO3 60V 15A 117W. Ruggedsised for Gig use.

    Genuine unused RCA Make - rarely available - with 1987 Date Code

    Only a few l;eft.

    Item Number: 2N3055H-RCA
    £8.50 (inc VAT £10.20)
  • 2N3055E Transistor

    2N3055E Transistor

    NPN TO3 go to MJ15015

    Item Number: 2N3055E

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • 2N3055H Transistor

    2N3055H Transistor

    NPN TO3 Ruggedised 60V 15A 117W Genuine Motorola Heavy duty

    Item Number: 2N3055H
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • 2N3056 Transistor

    2N3056 Transistor

    2N3056 NPN TO46 60V 1A 80MHz Fast Switch

    Item Number: 2N3056
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • 2N3107 Transistor

    2N3107 Transistor

    2N3107 NPN TO5 60V 1A 70MHz

    Item Number: 2N3107
    £4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)
  • 2N3108 Transistor

    2N3108 Transistor

    2N3108 NPN TO5 60V 1A 60MHz

    Item Number: 2N3108
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • 2N3109 Transistor

    2N3109 Transistor

    2N3109 NPN TO5 40V 1A 70MHz

    Item Number: 2N3109
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • 2N3114 Transistor

    2N3114 Transistor

    NPN TO5 150V 30mA 40MHz

    Item Number: 2N3114
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • 2N3121 Transistor

    2N3121 Transistor

    PNP TO18 45V 500mA 130MHz

    Item Number: 2N3121
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • 2N3133 Transistor

    2N3133 Transistor

    PNP TO5 35V 600mA 200MHz

    Item Number: 2N3133
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • 2N3134 Transistor

    2N3134 Transistor

    2N3134 PNP TO5 100V 600mA 70nS

    Item Number: 2N3134
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • 2N3135 Transistor

    2N3135 Transistor

    2N3135 PNP TO18 50V 600mA 70nS

    Item Number: 2N3135
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)