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Products Map

Products Map

  • ACY22 Transistor

    ACY22 Transistor

    ACY22 PNP TO5 Germanium Alloy 15/20V 1A 260mW hFE = 30-300@300mA

    Item Number: ACY22
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • ACY27 Transistor

    ACY27 Transistor

    ACY27 PNP TO5 Germanium 20/40V 200mA hFE = 20-55 @ 1mA

    Item Number: ACY27
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • ACY28 Transistor

    ACY28 Transistor

    ACY28 PNP TO5 Germanium Alloy 15/40V 200mA hFE = 45-150@1mA

    Item Number: ACY28
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • ACY39 Transistor

    ACY39 Transistor

    ACY39 PNP TO1 Germanium Alloy 40/110V 1A 260mW hFE = 50-150@300mA

    Item Number: ACY39
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • ACY40 Transistor

    ACY40 Transistor

    ACY40 PNP TO5 Germanium 18/32V 1A 260mW hFE = 30-70@300mA

    Item Number: ACY40
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • ACY44 Transistor

    ACY44 Transistor

    ACY44 PNP TO5 Germanium 30/50V 1A 260mW hFE = 40-120@300mA

    Item Number: ACY44
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • AD132 Transistor

    AD132 Transistor

    PNP TO3 Germanium 80V 3A 30W: Nol longer available: go to similar device ASZ15

    Item Number: AD132

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • AD136 Transistor

    AD136 Transistor

    PNP TO8 Germanium 30V Photoflash

    Item Number: AD136
    £19.00 (inc VAT £22.80)
  • AD138 Transistor

    AD138 Transistor

    PNP TO3 Germanium 25V 8A 30W

    Item Number: AD138
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • AD139 Transistor

    AD139 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 32V 3.5A DISCONTINUED - Please go to equivalent AD263

    Item Number: AD139

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • AD142 Transistor

    AD142 Transistor

    PNP TO3 Germanium 50V 10A 30W

    Item Number: AD142
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • AD143 Transistor

    AD143 Transistor

    AD143 PNP TO3 Germanium 40V 10A 30W.

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please go to equivalent 2N3614

    Item Number: AD143

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • AD145 Transistor

    AD145 Transistor

    PNP TO3 Germanium 15V 10A 30W

    Item Number: AD145
    £4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)
  • AD148 Transistor

    AD148 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 26V 3A 13W

    Item Number: AD148
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • AD149 Transistor

    AD149 Transistor

    PNP TO3 Germanium 30V 3.5A

    Item Number: AD149
    £5.50 (inc VAT £6.60)
  • AD152 Transistor

    AD152 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 23V 1A 6W

    Item Number: AD152
    £7.00 (inc VAT £8.40)
  • AD156 Transistor

    AD156 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 16V 2A 8W

    Item Number: AD156
    £7.00 (inc VAT £8.40)
  • AD161 Transistor

    AD161 Transistor

    NPN SOT9 Germanium 20V 1A

    Item Number: AD161
    £4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)
  • AD162 Transistor

    AD162 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 20V 1A

    Item Number: AD162
    £4.50 (inc VAT £5.40)
  • AD262 Transistor

    AD262 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 20V 4A 10W

    Item Number: AD262
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • AD263 Transistor

    AD263 Transistor

    PNP SOT9 Germanium 40V 4A 10W

    Item Number: AD263
    £6.00 (inc VAT £7.20)
  • AD712JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD712JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC Dual Op Amp Low Bias 8DIL

    Item Number: AD712JN
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • AD7248JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7248JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC 12 bit DAC with Amplifier 20DIL

    Item Number: AD7248JN
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • AD7520SD Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7520SD Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC DAC 10 Bit 16DIL

    Item Number: AD7520SD
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • AD7524JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7524JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC MDAC 8 Bit 16DIL

    Item Number: AD7524JN
    £4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)
  • AD7528JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7528JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC MDAC 2 X 8 BIT 20DIL

    Item Number: AD7528JN
    £7.00 (inc VAT £8.40)
  • AD7533JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7533JN Integrated Circuit (IC)


    Item Number: AD7533JN
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • AD7574JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD7574JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    IC ADC 8 BIT 15uS 18DIL

    Item Number: AD7574JN
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • AD847JN Integrated Circuit (IC)

    AD847JN Integrated Circuit (IC)


    Item Number: AD847JN
    £6.00 (inc VAT £7.20)
  • Adaptor from Standard UK B22 Bayonet fitting accept a E27 GLS Screw in Euro Lamp

    Adaptor from Standard UK B22 Bayonet fitting accept a E27 GLS Screw in Euro Lamp

    Converter Adaptor form Standard UK Bayonet Fitting Bayonet to accept GLS European E27 Screw in Lamp

    Item Number: E27B22
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)