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VGA & Audio Extender up to 300M via CAT5 or CAT6


Item Number
0.90 Kg
£59.35 (inc VAT £71.22)


VGA & Audio Transmitter/Receiver via CAT5 or CAT6 Cable

Professional repeater for extending the reception distance of video and audio signals from a PC, DVR, Laptop etc (ie anything with a VGA output), to the monitor and audio input. No deterioration of signal. Even HD quality up to 1920 x 1200 is preserved.

The signal can be sent from transmitter at the source to the receiver at the monitor end up to 300 Metres. The is also a throughput output for a local monitor for both video & audio.

The units are screened in a metal housing


Contents of package:

1 VGA over CAT5/6 extender

1 CAT5/6 Receiver with VGA output

2 Power Supplies 5V 2A

1 Manual