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Transistor Base Numbers BFxxxx


  • BF109 Transistor

    BF109 Transistor

    NPN TO5 110V 50mA 2.5W 80MHz

    Item Number: BF109
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BF115 Transistor

    BF115 Transistor

    NPN TO72 30V 30mA 250MHz. A high frequency transistor, specifically designed for low noise front end RF applications. Able to oscillate at 910MHz. Very low capacitance typically of 0.6pF. Genuine Device Manufacturerd by Mullard

    Item Number: BF115
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • BF117 Transistor

    BF117 Transistor

    NPN TO5 140V 100mA 80MHz

    Item Number: BF117
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BF120 Transistor

    BF120 Transistor

    NPN TO18 220V 50mA 300mW

    Item Number: BF120
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BF123 Transistor

    BF123 Transistor

    NPN TO50 25V 25mA 275MHz

    Item Number: BF123
    £5.50 (inc VAT £6.60)
  • BF125 Transistor

    BF125 Transistor

    NPN TO50 25V 24mA 225MHz

    Item Number: BF125
    £6.50 (inc VAT £7.80)
  • BF127 Transistor

    BF127 Transistor

    BF127 NPN TO50 20V 25mA 350MHz

    Item Number: BF127
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • BF153 Transistor

    BF153 Transistor

    NPN TO106 12V 25mA 300MHz

    Item Number: BF153
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • BF154 Transistor

    BF154 Transistor

    NPN TO106 20V 50mA 200MHz

    Item Number: BF154
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)
  • BF155 Transistor

    BF155 Transistor

    NPN TO72 40V 20mA 600MHz

    Item Number: BF155
    £2.75 (inc VAT £3.30)
  • BF158 Transistor

    BF158 Transistor

    NPN TO106 12V 50mA 600MHz

    Item Number: BF158
    £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
  • BF159 Transistor

    BF159 Transistor

    NPN TO106 20V 50mA 600MHz

    Item Number: BF159
    £3.25 (inc VAT £3.90)
  • BF160 Transistor

    BF160 Transistor

    NPN TO106 12V 50mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF160
    £2.75 (inc VAT £3.30)
  • BF161 Transistor

    BF161 Transistor

    NPN TO72 50V 20mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF161
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BF163 Transistor

    BF163 Transistor

    NPN TO106 40V 50mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF163
    £4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)
  • BF164 Transistor

    BF164 Transistor

    NPN TO106 40V 25mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF164
    £4.00 (inc VAT £4.80)
  • BF166 Transistor

    BF166 Transistor

    NPN TO72 40V 25mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF166
    £2.25 (inc VAT £2.70)
  • BF167 Transistor

    BF167 Transistor

    NPN TO72 30V 25mA 400MHz

    Item Number: BF167
    £2.25 (inc VAT £2.70)
  • BF170 Transistor

    BF170 Transistor

    NPN TO5 160V 50mA 50MHz

    Item Number: BF170
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BF173 Transistor

    BF173 Transistor

    NPN TO72 25V 25mA 350MHz

    Item Number: BF173
    £0.50 (inc VAT £0.60)
  • BF174 Transistor

    BF174 Transistor

    NPN TO5 150V 100mA 80MHz

    Item Number: BF174
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BF175 Transistor

    BF175 Transistor

    NPN TO72 40V 25mA 250MHz

    Item Number: BF175
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • BF177 Transistor

    BF177 Transistor

    NPN TO5 60V 50mA 60MHz

    Item Number: BF177
    £2.85 (inc VAT £3.42)
  • BF178 Transistor

    BF178 Transistor

    NPN TO5 115V 50mA 60MHz. DISCONTINUED Please go to equivalent BF179

    Item Number: BF178

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • BF179 Transistor

    BF179 Transistor

    BF179 NPN TO5 125V 50mA 60MHz

    Item Number: BF179
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BF180 Transistor

    BF180 Transistor

    NPN TO72 20V 20mA 335MHz

    Item Number: BF180
    £2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
  • BF181 Transistor

    BF181 Transistor

    NPN TO72 20V 20mA 300MHz

    Item Number: BF181
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • BF182 Transistor

    BF182 Transistor

    NPN TO72 20V 15mA 325MHz

    Item Number: BF182
    £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)
  • BF184 Transistor

    BF184 Transistor

    NPN TO72 20V 30mA 150MHz

    Item Number: BF184
    £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)
  • BF185 Transistor

    BF185 Transistor

    NPN TO72 20V 30mA 110MHz

    Item Number: BF185
    £0.90 (inc VAT £1.08)