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RFID Module Kit with Card and Tag 13.56Mhz

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£3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)



  • Stripboard 2.5mm 0.1 inch Spacing 95 x 127mm

    Stripboard 2.5mm 0.1 inch Spacing 95 x 127mm

    Stripboard 2.54mm - 0.1 inch Copper Strips perforated at 0.1 inch (2.54mm) sacing 95 X 127mm

  • Prototype Breadboard with 400 points

    Prototype Breadboard with 400 points

    Solderless Plug-In Breadboard 0.1 inch - 2.54mm spacing. Ideal for experiments & prototyping.

    400 Points. 2 x 30 x 5 commoned points. 4 rows of 25 points. Self-adhesive backing (or can be used free-standing).

  • Prototype Breadboard with 830 points

    Prototype Breadboard with 830 points

    Solderless Prototype Plug-In Breadboard 0.1 inch - 2.54mm spacing

    Ideal for experiments & teaching. 830 Points. 2 x 63 x 5 and 4 x 10 commoned points.

    63 rows of 5 points. Self-adhesive backing (or use free-standing).

    Can be used over and over again for prototyping circuits.

    Useful numbered grid. Accepts IC sockets, ICs and pin strips, transistors, resistors capacitors, LEDs, diodes, wire, etc

  • 65 Breadboard Jumper Leads Solderless

    65 Breadboard Jumper Leads Solderless

    Solderless Jumper Leads for use with Breadboard

    This set of coloured jumper leads, invaluable when creating circuits with Breadboard. Seven different colours and Four different lengths will simplify your connections, keeping  your work neat and clear to identify. 

    Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White

    Lengths: 120mm, 165mm, 200mm and 240mm

  • Arduino Uno Revision 3 Development Board

    Arduino Uno Revision 3 Development Board

    UNO R3 Arduino-compatible board with the ATMega328P, ATMega16U2 and CH340G serial converter

    Since Arduino is an "Open Source" hardware as well as software anyone can duplicate the Arduino Uno R3 boards exactly, even using original parts, this means we are able to supply this Arduino compatible board at a fraction of the cost of the original but still working identicaly to the original.

    The UNO is the best board to get started with electronics and coding. If this is your first experience tinkering with the platform, the UNO is the most robust board you can start playing with. The UNO is the most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.

    Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P (datasheet). It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset button. The development board has everything needed to support the microcontroler to help you create an endless amount of projects and if you are just starting then the worldwide Arduino community is full of ideas, guides and help to get you started or help you complete your project. 
    1 x Arduino Compatible Uno R3 development board
    1 x USB Cable
    Software can be downloaded from the Arduino website here
  • Control Knob Black with Silver Insert, Grub Screw 19.5mm diameter.

    Control Knob Black with Silver Insert, Grub Screw 19.5mm diameter.

    Instrument Control Knob 19mm Diameter. Black with Silver Insert

    With White Position Marker.

    For 1/4 inch (6.35mm) Spindles

    Grub Screw Fitting

  • Breadboard Power Supply 5V / 3.3V

    Breadboard Power Supply 5V / 3.3V

    Power Supply Board for Breadboard

    This PSU board is designed to fit directly on to a standard breadboard such as our BB400T and BB830. to give 2 power rails, 5V or 3.3V, Rail voltages are switch selectable. It can powered by 7-12V at the DC socket or 5V via the micro USB socket.
    Voltage in : 5VDC Via USB or 7-12VDC 
    Max Current : 700mA
    Size 53x31mm
  • Transparent Case for Arduino Uno R3

    Transparent Case for Arduino Uno R3

    Clear Acrylic enclosure for Arduino UNO R3 Board

    This custom made box for the Arduino Uno R3 is a simple 2 piece snap together case. It has all the cutouts needed to alow easy connectiion of the power, USB and all the pinheaders. There is also a built in reset button extension to alow easy resetting of the Arduino with a press of the finger (many other cases just have a hole above the reset button). The case will hold the Arduino solidly in place inside without needing you to use any screws. It also has vents on the underside and mounting holes so you can fix the case to a surface.



    75mm x 60mm x 17mm

  • Capacitive Touch Sensor Module for Arduino

    Capacitive Touch Sensor Module for Arduino

    Capacitive touch sensor module for Arduino and other microcontroller projects

    One side has a 9mm x 9mm capacitive touch area, and a TTP223 touch sensor IC on the reverse.

    An LED indicates when the switch is touched, giving a digital. It can be set either a high or low output, and momentary or latching output by joining or not joining the A and B connections: 

    A open = High output when touched
    A Closed = Low output when touched
    B open = Momentary switch action
    B Closed = Latching switch action
    Voltage : 3 to 5VDC
    PCB Size 14x10mm

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13.56 Mhz RFID Reader and Writer with Tag and Card for use with Arduino or other microcontrollers

A popular and easy to use RC522 RFID module, complete with an RFID card and RFID tag.

Designed to work with Arduino and other microcontrolers.

Can be used to read or write to many different RFID cards, fobs, stickers etc.

Voltage : 3.3VDC
Operating Frequency : 13.56Mhz
Dimensions : 60mm x 40mm

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