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Pro Audio Cable Tester XLR, Speakon, Jacks, DIN etc


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£39.00 (inc VAT £46.80)


 Comprehensive Pro-Audio Cable Tester for XLR, Speakon, Jacks, DIN, Banana, Phono RCA, RJ45 etc

This brilliant tester can test the following leads: 8 pole Speakon, 4 Pole Speakon, Banana, 3.5 mm jack (mono and stereo), 6.35 mm (mono and stereo), RCA phono, XLR (3 pin and 5 pin), DIN (3, 5,7 and 8 pin) and 4 pin mini DIN. The G027EB can also test USB and RJ45 Cables
Can test the following cables: 
Speakon 4 pole & 8 pole
XLR male and female 3 pin & 5 pin
6.3mm Jack Mono & stereo
3.5mm Jack mono & stereo
Phono (RCA)
4mm Banana
DIN 3,5 7 & 8 pin
Mini DIN 4 pin
RJ45 (8P8C) Network 
Ideal for Professional Audio Use
Compact and Easy to Use
Clear LED Indication
Solid and Reliable
Dimensions: D 95mm x H 60mm x W 185mm
Net weight 0.805kg
Batteries: PP3 9Volt (Not Supplied)