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Lamp & Bulb Fittings & Adaptors

  Item Number Product Price
E27B22 Adaptor from Standard UK B22 Bayonet fitting accept a E27 GLS Screw in Euro Lamp £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
GUE17 Ceramic Adaptor to accept a GU10 lamp to fit E14 (14mm) screw socket £3.50 (inc VAT £4.20)
GUB22 Ceramic Adaptor To convert Standard Bayonet fittings to GU10 £2.25 (inc VAT £2.70)
GUFIT GU10 Ceramic Fitting & Heatproof Wires for GU10 Mains Reflector Lamps £0.75 (inc VAT £0.90)
MR16F GU5.3 MR16 Ceramic Lamp holder with Heatproof Wires for Low Voltage Lamps £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)