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Hidden HD CCTV Cameras

  Item Number Product Price
CPR18A 2.1MP 1080P High Definition Camera hidden inside a PIR Housing £29.00 (inc VAT £34.80)
TIMCAMB Camera Watch With 8GB DVR Camcorder Recorder Black £35.00 (inc VAT £42.00)
YAU CCTV Microphone & Pre-amplifier Module £6.35 (Save 23%)(inc VAT £7.62)
CLKHD High Definition 1080P WiFi Clock Camera/Camcorder Recorder £65.00 (inc VAT £78.00)
CLKCAM High Definition Clock Camera/Camcorder Recorder £29.00 (inc VAT £34.80)
SPECAM High Definition Spectacle Glasses Camera/Camcorder Recorder £29.00 (inc VAT £34.80)
DASHCAM Konig 1080P High Definition Car Dash Camera with 2.7 inch Screen £31.85 (Save 16%)(inc VAT £38.22)
PENCAM Pen Camera with DVR Recorder and 8GB Micro SD Card £18.95 (inc VAT £22.74)
CAP35 Tiny 35mm 1080P High Definition Sony AHD 2.4MP Pinhole Camera £32.00 (inc VAT £38.40)
TIMCAMS Watch Camera With 8GB DVR Camcorder Recorder Chrome £35.00 (inc VAT £42.00)