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Diodes & Rectifiers


  • BZY93C47 Diode

    BZY93C47 Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Cath Stud 47V

    Item Number: BZY93C47
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • BZY93C47R Diode

    BZY93C47R Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Anode Stud 47V

    Item Number: BZY93C47R
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • BZY93C51 Diode

    BZY93C51 Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Cath Stud 51V

    Item Number: BZY93C51
    £8.00 (inc VAT £9.60)
  • BZY93C56 Diode

    BZY93C56 Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Cath Stud 56V

    Item Number: BZY93C56
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • BZY93C62 Diode

    BZY93C62 Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Cath Stud 62V

    Item Number: BZY93C62
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • BZY93C68 Diode

    BZY93C68 Diode

    Zener DO4 20W Cath Stud 68V

    Item Number: BZY93C68
    £9.00 (inc VAT £10.80)
  • CV7047 Diode

    CV7047 Diode

    Diode Germanium Military Spec

    Item Number: CV7047
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • CV7103 Diode

    CV7103 Diode

    Diode WE Zener 6V8

    Item Number: CV7103
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • D1300A Diode

    D1300A Diode

    Diode TO1 Amplifier prtoection RCA

    Item Number: D1300A
    £5.00 (inc VAT £6.00)
  • DB3 Diode

    DB3 Diode

    Diac for Triac/SCR gate control. Breakover voltage = 28-32V

    Item Number: DB3
    £0.50 (inc VAT £0.60)
  • DD000 Diode

    DD000 Diode

    Diode Wire-ended Lucas 500mA 50V 40A surge

    Item Number: DD000
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • DMV1500H Diode

    DMV1500H Diode

    Diode X 2 F220 - Modulator diode (3A 600V 50nS) & Damper diode (6A 1500V 135nS)

    Item Number: DMV1500H
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • EM513 Diode

    EM513 Diode

    Diode Wire Ended 1A 1600V. 30A Surge. 15pF

    Item Number: EM513
    £3.00 (inc VAT £3.60)

  • FR157 Diode

    FR157 Diode

    Diode WE 1.5A 1000V 500nS Fast Recovery

    Item Number: FR157
    £0.50 (inc VAT £0.60)
  • FR207 Diode

    FR207 Diode

    Diode WE 2A 1000V 500nS Fast Recovery

    Item Number: FR207
    £0.60 (inc VAT £0.72)
  • FR307 Diode

    FR307 Diode

    Diode WE 3A 1000V 500nS Fast Recovery: go to UF5408

    Item Number: FR307

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • FR607 Diode

    FR607 Diode

    Diode WE 6A 1000V 500nS Fast Recovery

    Item Number: FR607
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • ITT2002 Diode

    ITT2002 Diode

    Diode WE 30mA 200V 50nS

    Item Number: ITT2002
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • ITT2003 Diode

    ITT2003 Diode

    Diode WE 30mA 250V 50nS

    Item Number: ITT2003
    £1.50 (inc VAT £1.80)
  • ITT210 Diode

    ITT210 Diode

    Diode WE Varicap 24-27pF

    Item Number: ITT210
    £2.00 (inc VAT £2.40)
  • ITT33 Diode

    ITT33 Diode

    Diode WE 10mA 75V 4nS

    Item Number: ITT33
    £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)
  • LL4148 Diode

    LL4148 Diode

    Diode SMD Minimelf (3.5 X 1.5mm) 200mA 150V 4nS. Surface Mount Version of 1N4148

    Item Number: LL4148
    £0.10 (inc VAT £0.12)
  • MA178 Diode

    MA178 Diode

    Diode WE 200mA 40V 20nS

    Item Number: MA178
    £0.90 (inc VAT £1.08)
  • MA185 Diode

    MA185 Diode

    Diode WE 200mA 200V 4.5pF

    Item Number: MA185
    £0.80 (inc VAT £0.96)
  • MA4082 Diode

    MA4082 Diode

    Diode WE 8V2 Ref 3.2ppm

    Item Number: MA4082
    £1.00 (inc VAT £1.20)
  • MBR1045 Diode

    MBR1045 Diode

    Diode Schottky Barrier Go to MBR1060

    Item Number: MBR1045

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • MBR1060 Diode

    MBR1060 Diode

    Diode Schottky Barrier TO220 10A 60V

    Item Number: MBR1060
    £1.35 (inc VAT £1.62)
  • MBR1545CT Diode

    MBR1545CT Diode

    Diode TO220 Dual Schottky Barrier Go to MBR2045CT

    Item Number: MBR1545CT

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • MBR160 Diode

    MBR160 Diode

    Diode WE Schottky Barrier Go to SB160

    Item Number: MBR160

    The comment above should be useful to you.

  • MBR1645 Diode

    MBR1645 Diode

    Diode TO220 Schottky Barrier 16A 45V

    Item Number: MBR1645
    £0.80 (inc VAT £0.96)